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It's been just shy of a month since I abandoned ship on tumblr, but tonight I created a new account. I think the time away was good for me, and that I can probably manage my addiction better over the summer (hopefully), which I think was what was the problem in the first place. The website is a life eater.

That and there was just a lot of emotional drama I was dealing with re: myself.

Speaking of summer, as of Thursday next week I am officially released of my school obligations, having completed my involvement with the lit mag, written all my papers, and finished exams. I just did 4 full semesters back-to-back, which is 16 months if you're counting. I'm feeling pretty burnt out, and excited to spend my summer lazing about. Probably doing some writing.

I have a new historical fiction short story in mind that I want to take a decent amount of time researching/writing. I'm also planning to revise one of the stories I wrote once more (maybe twice) and then bite the bullet and submit it for publication. Submitting for publication is fucking terrifying, just FYI. But when I got my revision back from my professor, she commented that I should consider it. It needs some definite tightening up, but it could be a big step for me in one way or another.

In other writing news, I have dived back into fandom/fanfiction. I hastily wrote my Gundam Wing Fic Exchange story this weekend. Writing for an anonymous recipient is really bizarre. I hope whoever gets it likes it, at least. I also did a few comment prompts for Lost Girl, which is a fandom I am on the fence about writing for at the moment, and I have a few things in mind to write for Justified, which scares and excites me. I'm tired of jumping into fandoms that are old and abandoned, or small and inactive. I think the Supernatural fandom ruined me, because there was so much fic and art and meta being produced in that fandom that it's challenging and disheartening to go to other fandoms where that doesn't exist.

But alas.


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