Mar. 25th, 2012

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I left Tumblr today. Went right ahead and deleted my accounts easy as you please, and I don't feel sorry about it. I don't even miss it really, other than this weird void that's there when I need something to help with procrastination.

Ah, well. The internet can provide me with that eventually.

I've been playing with the idea of coming to dreamwidth for a long time, and now here we are. I imagine this will be a jumping off point for when I hunker down to promote and plan the Gundam Wing Big Bang that just won't get out of my head. But I guess for now, we'll see what happens.
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While I am fussing around on dreamwidth, what I should actually be working on is my revision piece for my creative writing class. The problem is, this piece is giving me just as much trouble as it did when I first wrote it.

The premise is that this girl, Sabine, who's 17, gets caught by her mother having an inappropriate relationship with another girl, and she gets sent to the French Colony in what eventually becomes Canada, during the late 1600s.

While working on this last week, I came to realize that the story needs to start in Canada, but there was a lot of back story I wanted to include. I mean, I'd written 4 pages, and Sabine hadn't even left France, so it was a problem (page length is 10-15 pages double spaced). I've come to a narrative structure that I like, but now it's getting the words on the page that's the issue.

I always find it especially difficult to write stories as assignments. There's too much pressure, and I'm notorious for leaving things until the last minute. I want this story to be better the second time around because it wasn't what I wanted the first time.

After I finish this and my final paper for the semester, I have a 1000 word Gundam Wing Fic Exchange story to write, which I've been thinking about pretty much since January, and I don't expect to have problems with (other than it will most assuredly be longer than 1000 words).

Procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate.
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It is always incredibly disappointing to go from reading super hot, well written fanfiction to moderately written original fiction of which you have to critique.

Sitting in the dark reading lots of porny Justified slash, and internally bemoaning that I have to read stories by my classmates that have lots of punctuation errors and shaky plots because we all write at at the last minute.

Just sayin', I'd rather read fanfic than the stuff I have to read for class, and that's just sad.

Amendment: Maybe I just feel this way because the stories written in class aren't very racy and I need some raciness in my life (and all I read in fanfiction is porn. No shame.)


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